Triptolide: Chinese Medicine Strikes Again!

Triptolide is a diterpenoid epoxide which is produced by the thunder god vine, Tripterygium wilfordii. It has in vitro and in vivo activities against mouse models of polycystic kidney disease[2] and pancreatic cancer, but its physical properties[3] and severe toxicity[4] limit its therapeutic potential. Consequently, a synthetic water-soluble prodrug, minnelide, is being studied clinically instead.

Triptolide has broad applicability to multiple cancer types. I’ve enclosed several links to the primary research below. Links to Minnelide, a more water-soluble synthetic prodrug of triptolide that is converted in vivo, are included as well. Thunder God Vine is a natural source of triptolide. Be warned that toxicity is a concern so approach with caution.

Triptolide: A new star for treating human malignancies

Targeting HSF1 disrupts HSP90 chaperone function in chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Triptolide inhibits the proliferation of cells from lymphocytic leukemic cell lines in association with downregulation of NF-κB activity and miR-16-1

Triptolide induces caspase-dependent cell death mediated via the mitochondrial pathway in leukemic cells

Minnelide, a prodrug, inhibits cervical cancer growth by blocking HPV-induced changes in p53 and pRb

Minnelide, a novel drug for pancreatic and liver cancer

Minnelide/Triptolide Impairs Mitochondrial Function by Regulating SIRT3 in P53-Dependent Manner in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

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